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[biginfopane title=”Techniques and Tools Across Portfolios, Programmes and Projects”]An intensive two day class focused on the techniques and tools capability of the PMO – learn to identify, select and use the right techniques and tools at the right time.[/biginfopane]


[agenda] [day date=”11th & 12th June 2019″]2 Day Class – Hatton Garden, London[/day] [event time=”09.00 — 17:00″ room=”London”]PMO Techniques and Tools[/event] [event time=”Price” room=””]£780+VAT[/event] [/agenda]

Did you know…

There are around 49 processes in project management that use over 1,000 combinations of techniques and tools depending on the project*? On average a Project Manager knows only 10 techniques and tools**.

How many techniques and tools do you know? How about your project managers and teams? Are they used consistently across projects? Are the right techniques and tools being used at the right time? And are they contributing to successful outcomes for projects, programs, and portfolios (PPP)?

In this two-day class, we explore how Techniques and Tools (T&Ts) contribute to success across projects, programs, and portfolios and PMOs and how the PMO can add value to the organisation by gaining expertise in T&Ts.

The class presents a clear method to establish an in-depth understanding of what exactly is a technique and a tool and how they are identified, selected, adapted, and utilised to increase the chances of PMO, project, program and portfolio success.

The class content has an underlying theme of Techniques and Tools applied to different contexts to promote understanding and create impact across projects, programs, portfolios and PMOs. It also presents the AIPMO Techniques and Tools Lifecycle FrameworkTM for the first time which provides a structured approach to increasing an organisation’s techniques and tools maturity.

Throughout the class, references will be made to your environment to encourage discussions that can help to address and/or put into perspective your daily challenges. The course is a mixture of instructor-led and participative activities where the delegates engage in interactive exercises.

This is a unique course and will provide insights that have never been shared before as they will be part of the upcoming AIPMO Techniques & Tools book. Attendees will be able to share and discuss ideas based on new knowledge.


* Based on the PMI PMBoK **Fortune, J., White, D., Judgev, K., & Walker, D. (2011). Looking again at current practice in project management. International Journal of Managing Projects in Business, 4(4), 553–572.


  • Able to apply the AIPMO Techniques & Tools framework including using filters to determine what is a generic tool, basic technique, category of techniques (CATs) and chain of techniques (Chain)
  • List the types of techniques – basic technique, category of techniques (CATs) and chain of techniques (Chain)
  • Apply the Techniques & Tools categorization and implementation framework
  • Gain tips and tricks, experience and best practice guidelines that relate to Techniques & Tools
  • Advise project managers on which Techniques & Tools should be applied at which phase within a project lifecycle
  • Know how to build Techniques & Tools capabilities within your organisation.


What’s Included


The two day class takes place at etc venues, Hatton Garden and includes all refreshments and lunch throughout the day.

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The Agenda

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  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: The Importance of being an expert in Techniques and Tools
  • Module 3: Generic tools, Commercial tools, Basic techniques, Chain and category of techniques – Explained
  • Module 4: Overview of AIPMO Techniques and Tools Framework
  • Module 5: Techniques and Tools Categorisation Process and Techniques and Tools Implementation Framework
  • Module 6: When to use the Techniques and Tools within each phase of the Project/Programme
  • Module 7: Overview of Techniques and Tools for Decision making, Risk Management and Conflict Management
  • Module 8: PMO’s role in Techniques and Tools


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[speaker photo=”” name=”Your Trainer: Sabita Saleem” ][/speaker]

Sabita Saleem, IPMO-E®, PLP®, PMP®   Lead Auditor-ISO 9001:2008 started her career in the industry in the area of Human Resources before entering management consulting where she worked on design and implementation of information systems, ERP systems, organizational development and change management assignments. She has been leading international teams across Europe, the Middle East and Asia on various projects. She has been a consultant and editor for PMI Switzerland Chapter, for several years working on large events. Currently, Sabita is working for AIPMO (Association of International Project Management Officers) as a core team contributor of AIPMO Body of Knowledge which comprises of seven books and leads an international team across Europe, UK, Middle East and Asia. Sabita also has the lead author role for one of AIPMO’s books titled ‘Project, Program, Portfolio and PMO Techniques and Tools. She also teaches and carries out consulting assignments for AIPMO’s partners.

Sabita’s background in management consulting, project management, quality assurance, human resource management, direct marketing and editing allows her to mix a practical yet highly rigorous approach to consulting and she’s known by her clients for her friendly but effective style of achieving results